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Oct 1, 2011

A new advertising awards competition has launched for students worldwide - the first to focus on creative consistency. School of the Year award up for grabs.

AKQA Chief Creative Officer Rei Inamoto has released the first of what will be 8 monthly briefs from big industry names around the world in a new program known as Young Glory.

Young Glory is a worldwide competition that gives students the chance to respond to a 8 briefs, set by 8 different giants of the industry over 8 months. Each month an industry leader sets and judges their own brief whilst participants receive points for placing high in the judging.  At the end of 8 months the participants with the most points (i.e. the most creatively consistent) will be crowned. School of the Year will also be crowned based on points accumulated across all participating students. It only costs USD $10 to submit an entry.

There are numerous advertising award shows for emerging talents but none focus on rewarding consistency, despite it being one of the most important traits an employer and client wants from a creative. This is the reason many big industry names have come on-board to be part of Young Glory. Young Glory also provides the rare opportunity for participants to get their work in front of a big industry name every month for 8 months in the lead up to Cannes Future Lions.

Inamoto is the inaugural judge and his brief is live now for the month of October. He will be followed in November by one of the foremost exponents in the digital/integrated space Graham KellyECD, OgilvyOne India and Founder, GKIM. The other 6 judges will be revealed month by month.

The inspiration for Young Glory comes from the real experiences of previous advertising students Brendan Graham and Rafik Belmesk. Graham is a graduate of Queensland University of Technology in Australia, AWARD School Singapore and Copy School Sydney. During his educational years Graham experienced the benefits winning student awards and even sold a Clio-winning idea for the game franchise Halo to Microsoft. Graham is now a Copywriter and 'Strategy Guy' at Soap Creative Sydney (where Microsoft is a client). Belmesk spent some time at ihaveanidea launching the Tomorrow Awards (the first category-neutral international award show) and Giant Hydra (an online mass collaboration tool for agencies), before joining lg2 in Montreal as a Strategic Planner.

Educational institutions of all shapes and sizes are invited to encourage their students to participate in this one-of-a-kind opportunity that could ignite careers. 

For more information contact Brendan Graham: