Round 3 | Professional Results

Brief: "The Occupy Movement"

Judge: Saneel Radia (Director of Innovation, BBH NY and BBH Labs)

Month: December 2011

Professional Gold (25 points) 
Alan Jones (Freelance)
"Occupy Co" 

Professional Silver (18 Points) 

No Silvers were awarded this round.

Professional Bronze (15 Points) 
Team Paperboys (Commun & Sid Lee)
"Occupy Elections"


Professional Shortlist (10 points)

B.A.G.S (Peter Mayer Advertising)

Participation (5 Points)

All other entries have been recorded and awarded 5 Participation Points. 

Saneel Radia's Feedback

I was excited (and honored) to be asked to brief and judge Young Glory, because I have a particular passion for helping and learning from young talent in our industry. 

I also love the insightful structure of the contest. Open briefs at a judge's discretion help avoid the wind tunnel effect that category-based award shows are plagued by; meanwhile, an 8-month process identifies the most consistently creativity entrants, something any recruiter will tell you as at the top of their list when hunting for talent.

In crafting my brief I was eager to help this group show off their ability to do things beyond advertising, something critical to the future of any agency. I also wanted to see how they dealt with ambiguity, a reality any marketing entity must accept in a world changing as quickly as ours. 

I was quite excited to see the ones that took that formula and created an output utterly untypical of any agency today. It's those unique submissions I awarded. Ultimately, the best marketers aren't looking for more of the same when they hire young talent. They're looking for those people that do what they as marketers don't do. I'm confident the winners from December have proven themselves in that regard. 
Kudos to them, and to the Young Glory awards.