Round 4 | Student Results

Brief: "Wikipedia"

Judge: Gav Gordon-Rogers (CD, Wieden+Kennedy London / LBi Edinburgh)

Month: Janurary 2012

Link: Round 4 Brief

Student Gold (25 points) 
Shahak Shapira & Duncan Munge (Miami Ad School Europe)

Student Silver (18 Points) 
Daniel & Haley (Miami AdSchool)
"Drop a Nickel"

Student Bronze (15 Points) 

Smell What We're Steppin' In? (The Creative Circus)

Thomas Eltvik & Torstein S. Skogedal (RMIT)
"Wiki Donate

Jonas Jonsander & Axel Nathorst-Böös (Berghs School of Communication)
"WikiAuctions on Ebay"

Jacob Hagg (Hyper Island)
"Wikipedia Sponsor Badges"

Yana Mirinova (British Higher School of Art and Design Moscow)
"1 donation = 1 adoption"

Hjelm & Fredriksson (Linköping University)
"Grab 'n' Brag"

The good, the bad and the ugly (Berghs School of Communication)
"Support Subscriptions"


Student Shortlist (10 points)

Courtney Bante, Noah Blinder, and David Harper (The Creative Circuis)
"Wiki Adspace"

Marsellus Wallce and Associates (University of Washington)

Gold Diggers (Humber College)
"Wiki Lottery"

The Bearded Ladies (The Creative Circus)
"Wikipedia U"

Jean-Christophe Lanteigne Daigle (Université de Montréal)
"The Nickel

João Santiago a.k.a. Coollateral Mind
"The Wikillionaire"

Cat&Mig (University of Technology Sydney & DM Creative School)
"Unrevealed Stories"

Michael & Ian (Miami AdSchool San Fransisco)

Tim Raiter (British Higher School of Art and Design Moscow)
"Wiki Temple"

JL + M (Berghs School of Communication)
"My Wiki Life

Alice (London College of Communication)
"Copy, Paste, Donate

TEAM DIE (Berghs School of Communication)

JPA (Queensland College of Art, Griffith University)


Participation (5 Points)

All other entries have been recorded and awarded 5 Participation Points. 

Gav Gordon-Rogers' Feedback

The idea of creative consistency is a really great starting point for a young talent award. How many one hit wonder pop acts have there been? It's the artists that consistently produce great work that end up being remembered. 

I was surprised by the entries on a few counts. First, there were a lot of them. A lot more than I was expecting. Second, they were nearly all good quality. And finally, there were a few ideas that kept reappearing. Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised by this last one, but it stumped me for a while. Is an idea worth less because more than one person has suggested it? That's the way it often works in the famous awards shows. In answer to this brief one of the best and most straightforward concepts was proposed multiple times in both the Student and Professional categories. For me, the idea of Wikipedia auctioning, 'selling' or allowing individuals to sponsor their articles was a really simple and direct way to raise money without selling out. Who wouldn't want to own The World? Or become King of Prince? Or even the official sponsor of Happiness?

I wanted to recognise everyone who came up with that solution in one form or another, so that's why I've awarded so many Bronzes.

Thanks to all the participants for their ideas - and of course we'll report back if Wikipedia choose to consider taking any of them on.