Round 1 | Professional Results

Brief: "Keep the World Cool"

Judge: Rei Inamoto (AKQA, CCO)

Month: October 2011

Link: Round 1 Brief

Professional Gold (25 Points) 

No Golds were awarded this round.

Professional Silver (18 Points) 
Robert Fraze (Deutsch New York)
"BMW Rash Responsibility"

Professional Bronze (15 Points) 
Francisco Chatimsky & Mafalda Quintela (Brandia Central Portugal)

Professional Shortlist (10 Points)

Gustav Johansson & Tomas Nilsson (The Fan Club Malmö & Markus Reklambyrå)
"Expedia Crossroads"

Kousha Forshami & Greg Young
"Fresh Air Miles"

Cameron Dowsett & Mark Tallis (Ogilvy Sydney)

Sam Bruehl

Alan Jones (Freelance)
"Exploding Emails"

Double J's (Euro RSCG Sydney)
"Six Degrees to Save our Bacon"

"A Yet Unnamed Hipster Eco-Project Featuring Project Doomsday"

Ben Campain
Saver Friend 

Imported Goods (Apostrophe Copywriters, DDB Melbourne, The Anatomy)
"Turnaround Zara"

Participation (5 Points)

All other entries have been recorded and awarded 5 Participation Points.

Rei Inamoto's Feedback

"This is the most exciting time to be alive in this industry. Ever.

With so much changing, I get envious of people who are just starting out in this industry now.

And with so much happening today, the idea of not just recognizing good ideas with all the possibilities but also the consistency of talent and work was another reason that excited me to take on the challenge of being the inaugural chair for Young Glory.

Having gone through the work, I can confirm my envy for the possibilities that these young talented people have in front of them. Particularly, I’m blown away by the work coming from students nowadays. It puts me to shame when I was a student.

I can’t wait to see who will prove to be the most consistent young talent in this exhilarating time. Because they are the ones who will be creating something that the world has never seen."