Brief: "Thompson Punke"

Judge: Alessandra Lariu, CEO of Shout & Co-founder of SheSays

Month: February 2012

Link: Round 5 Brief

Student Gold (25 points) 

No Golds were awarded this round.

Student Silver (18 Points) 

Strange Day (Willem de Kooning Academy)
"Frontline Yourself

Thomas Eltvik & Torstein S. Skogedal (RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia)
"Thompson Punke Skill Shirts

Student Bronze (15 Points) 

Courtney Long, John Potter & Kelly Pratt (Chicago Portfolio School)

Student Shortlist (10 points)

Shahak Shapira & Duncan Munge (Miami Ad School Europe)
"Thompson Funke

Participation (5 Points)

All other entries have been recorded and awarded 5 Participation Points.

Alessandra Lariu's Feedback

"Customized balls, beer pong meets zorbing, demolition pong, wow some awesomely surprising ideas for Thomson Punke. Some waaaay over budget and a lots of party related themes. Also, some similar ideas from students and professionals group, which I guess is a point for the students, right? ; )

Overall it was a pleasure to judge Young Glory. It was fun too. Like going to a Romanian wedding. I loved the energy people put into making their case studies.  

I’ve always been a sucker for simple, on brief ideas that have a technology edge to them so it was great to see so many concepts go in that direction. Most of which came out as winners in the end. 

I showed my favorites to the client and they said  "There were some amazingly diverse ideas. Loved the fact that it wasn't just cool films but people had really put some thought into spreading the good word about Ping Pong and Thompson Punke. Thank you for all the hard work. If you ever want a game. look us up in New York."

I wish I had something like Young Glory when I started my career. Lots of love."